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James White   |

“My “dream client” would be NASA. Hands down, top of the list. I would really enjoy being a part of something I believe so much in, being that of space exploration and the pursuit of understanding the mechanics of the universe. Greater still, bringing back that sense of enthusiasm toward NASA that I remember as a child. Taking references and designs from my childhood, ie. FisherPrice space toys, LEGO and other things, I created this line of unofficial NASA mission patches in hopes of catching their attention.

James White is a visual artist and designer from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, and is the one-man wrecking crew behind the Signalnoise Studio. Drawing since the age of 4, his career started very early and now with 14 years of design experience, he has worked with clients such as Nike, Google, MTV, Diesel, VH1, Wired, Universal Music, and more. On top of that, James prides himself on the many personal art projects he endeavors in order to keep evolving as a creative person, including alternative art movie posters

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